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Friday, August 27, 2010

Design Exhibition Part 9

Quote above is taken from One Piece manga series. Monkey D. Luffy, Straw Hat Pirate Captain gave sign to his nakama to meet after 2 years for retribution to the world government. Everybody needs to become stronger for that, to help their captain. Roronoa Zoro then meets Juraquille Mihawk, one of the Sichibukai, and also his rival to become greatest swordsman ever.

Realize that he will not be any help for his captain at that time, Roronoa Zoro bows his head to his rival, hoping to learn sword from Mihawk. At first, Mihawk thought that Zoro should be shame on himself for asking that. But, after he knew that Zoro wants to overcome him, he agreed.

We are not talking about throwing pride for someone else. But how much we are willing to learn something from our enemies or rival. Or do we better keep our arrogant and achieve nothing? How about the rival? Will we teach someone who want to learn?

There are no limit in learning. If only you want to learn, the whole world ready to teach you. And there will no regret for you to teach good things to someone.