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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Motivation Quotes from One Piece

"No matter if one equips hundreds of weapons on their body, there are times when none of them will be able to stand up againts the single spear fastened at one's gut."

- Red Leg Zeff, refer to Luffy's spirit.

"I'm their navigator!! When we're out on the sea, I bear great responsibility! I have to be able to take my captain to any location he wants to go, no matter it may be!!"

- Nami, refer to her responsibility and her important role to help her captain, Monkey D Luffy.

"Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning againts..he did not run..because behind him..were the ones he loved."

- Monkey D Garp, refer to the way Gold D Roger, Former pirate king, treated his nakama.