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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better to hope than to despair

“How are you, buddy? It’s already March. It means King will leave us.” – Carl

I just stare at the note before I fold it neatly and put it inside box under my bed.

King. May God bless you, brother. His name reminds me when first time I came here. He is the one who try to protect me before I have strength to stand by myself.

Don’t worry too much T.E, everyone has their own destiny. He kept repeated that whenever he met me.

I take a deep breath. Only three months left before I reach my destiny like King.

I walk to the corner of the room, grab some paper and pen before sit and leaning against the wall. It’s hot. Better I write something rather than sleep in this hot day. Besides, only final chapter left before people get to read my own stories.

T.E, someone is coming to see you. Dress up.

Who? Who want to meet me? I’m just asking myself. I grab my orange shirt and follow Alex, one of the Prison X’s wardens.

There. Look, I don’t want any trouble. Just go to her and talk. No more assault. Alex talks firmly.

I’m just nodded. I’ve already got the picture. She is lawyer. I guess this is 5th time I have been visit by lawyers. Three of them have been assaulted by me after they tried to make me plead guilty. But, this is first time female lawyer come to see me. She looks elegant, and quite strange.

She just stare at me when I sitting in front of her. She wears some nice black coat and no make-up. But, still she looks beautiful instead of scary eyes still staring at me.

Who are you? Why you’re here? Finally I ask her to cover my awkward feeling.

Are you losing hope, T.E? Finally I hear her voice.

Why you asking me that question? After 10 years, what do you expect me to say?

Do you ever think about filing appeal again? I think you still have a chance to prove that you’re innocent She grabs her briefcase and takes some files.

You’re quiet funny. Who will believe me? Even my own family cannot do anything about it.”

Come on. I don’t care about that. I don’t have any doubt to win this case. Basically, this case is simple, but some people did mess to protect a person who is real murderer. They make twist to the fact. And you’re just a person who got in the wrong place at the wrong time with that assassination.”

Besides, BIA sends me to do something for you. We had found some evidences that will help you to prove that you’re innocent. So please do not losing hope, Tengkorak Emas.”

BIA? What is that? I’ve only know CIA. Tengkorak Emas? It’s already 10 years I’ve not using that name. People in here call me T.E, but they never know the name behind it. Who is this woman? I thought myself.

How do you know that name? What is BIA?

Blogger In Action. I’m one of the bloggers. How could you forget me T.E.?

Blogger? Wait, I just remember something. Is she someone I’ve met before? No, but I know her! Unbelievable!

Are you Jo Qusary?

She just grins at me.

Full marks for you T.E. Look, I’ve got something for you. Open it, I don’t care” She gives me one white box.


She is gone. Now I’m back to my cell, sitting at the corner and holding something that she gives me.

Van Houten

Chocolates. Yes. One chocolate bar and mini box of chocolate.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” I still remember that quotes from Forrest Gump’s movie.

Better to hope than to despair. At that time I know that I will get to see the world again.

p/s:Thanks to Jo Qusary!! Hadiah sempena meneka lagu dengan tepat telah diterima! :D Maaf sahabat-sahabat jika entri ini mengarut...XD